SATX Exploration: Figlio’s Pizzeria Ristorante

One of my favorite parts of once living right outside of San Antonio was being able to watch small businesses grow, one of them being Figlio’s Pizzeria Ristorante. Figlio’s is a small, quaint, family-run Italian restaurant that offers authentic New York style pizza. The restaurant, owned by brothers Jorge and Carlos Coronado, was opened in 2006 and has thrived since.

I spent many years of my childhood going to Figlio’s and my love for it grows every time. I remember when they renovated it I was actually sad because the interior looked completely different, but it never lost it’s warm and inviting atmosphere. The fairy lights outside and the homemade bread never left, and that was enough to satisfy my family.

Regardless of the hard to notice location, Figlio’s has established a name and has gained many regulars in the 12 years of it’s existence. With that being said, the waiters and waitresses are friendly, the small space is welcoming, and the food is great. I would highly recommend any type of pizza and calzone to anyone who decides to stop by.

Even after growing and expanding Figlio’s stayed the same, which nowadays seems rare, and it will forever hold a place in my family’s hearts, and stomachs.

All photos by Jessica Harden

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