Mac Idol: 2018

The audience goes silent and the curtain rises, spotlights are on senior De’Sire Skipper and its time for her to perform. All the anxiety and nerves hit her, pushing them away she takes a deep breath and sings with all of her heart. Skipper performed Lana Del Rey’s Young and beautiful for Mac Idol, a song she really felt a connection with in her heart.

“Growing up I was bullied a lot,” Skipper said. “I relied on my friends, boys and my family to tell me that I was beautiful, but mostly my parents because they would tell me that I’m beautiful everyday.”

Skipper enjoys performing and expressing herself when she sings in front of new people.

De’Sire Skipper singing Lana del Rey’s Young and beautiful. Photo by Tatum Owens

“It’s an opportunity to show people a talent that I have hidden,” Skipper said.

While singing is one of her favorite things, she also plays the viola in the JV orchestra. She says that time management is key when juggling singing, orchestra and being a senior.

“I started singing when I was about five years old,” Skipper said “Orchestra didn’t come until when I was in fifth grade, but I’ve been playing since then.”

Skipper says that when performing it is a rush, all the nerves get to her but she manages to power through.

“I drink a lot of water before I perform,” Skipper said. “My throat tends to go dry when I’m performing.”

De’Sire gave a heart warming speech during the nights performance, reaching out to all of the people who have gone through what she has.

“I still get bullied to this day but it’s not as it used to be and I don’t really care for it now,” Skipper said. “I know who I am, nobody can tell me who I am.”

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