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We’ve all encountered problems and on-going conundrums in our daily life that manage to push us to the edge of our frustration, provoking a few choice words and sometimes thrown objects. It’s not unnatural for friends or families to suggest quick-fix remedies or old tips they’ve picked up, but sometimes, the results you desire aren’t what these solutions are producing. Here are some life hacks, as I like to call them, that may help out with some of those complications.

Bouncing Batteries:

Our age-group has constantly been pinned as the predominantly electronic generation because of the amount of technology the average teenager has. While most of our gadgets can be charged or plugged in there still remains a variety of machines that require two double A’s. Of course the age-old problem of how much juice one of these guys has left arises. So how to check how much power a battery has? It’s simple: drop the battery on the floor. If the battery bounces around a lot than the battery is bad, or has little to nothing left to deem it useful. If it bounces once then remains on the floor, it’s good to use.

Bouncing batteries can help you tell the worth of one of those Double A’s you find in your drawers or cabinets. Photo by Kayla Gunn

Chewing Test:

There are plenty of tricks that help a person remember things while studying for that major test coming up; however, one that is commonly unknown involves one of our 5 senses that you probably wouldn’t expect. A large number of students have created rhymes and songs when trying to remember vocabulary, or the order of the chinese dynasties, which would appeal to our hearing. Others have ways to remember visually with pictures and graphs but what you may not have tried is taste. Chewing gum while studying and then again while taking a test, same flavor of course, can help jog your memory back to that late night and all those reviews.

Chewing gum while studying and during the test can help improve memory leading to better scores on your tests. For different subjects try different flavors! Photo by Kayla Gunn

The Perfect Nap:

As a student, it is not uncommon for sleep to get the back seat on our priority list. Favorably a social life and A’s on the report card are normally chosen over a good 8 hours of the REM cycle. After a few weeks, and sometimes even a few days this can take a toll on our bodies, physically and mentally. Unfortunately, I don’t have a life hack to help you avoid sleep, but I do have one that may help with all those in-between-event naps you take. According to NASA the perfect nap time amounts to a total of 26 minutes. Now this may or may not help, but who doesn’t feel refreshed after a good nap? So remember, for the best optimal sleep experience, set those alarms for 26 minutes.

According to recent studies by NASA the perfect nap should last about 26 minutes. Enjoy your trip to snoozeville, but keep an alarm on so you’ll get that perfect nap experience every time. Photo by Kayla Gunn

Soothing Burns:

Sadly, we are at an age where we have to start fixing our own meals more often, meaning more cooking and cooking accidents. When working with almost any cooking supplies the possibly of not getting burned is implausible, especially with inexperienced chefs using stoves, ovens, microwaves, fryers etc. Normally after a burn people run to douse it with cold water, which doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t help a whole lot either. Instead, try putting mustard on your arm to alleviate the burn. As gross as it may sound or even feel, it’s your choice whether or not to tough it out or aid the pain relief.

These were just a couple of tips that hopefully you can use to your advantage. At the very least, these cures may help you through your student life and even past that. Also, it’s good to have simple answers to life’s annoying little quirks in your brain.

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