Cha-Ching: Holiday $pending

Christmas is approaching, and the evidence is all over. Stores are having their holiday sales, and Santa is making his appearances. People are freaking out about what they are going to get all of their loved ones. All the while, the retail industry is raking it in.

Americans are obsessed with material items all the time, however, Christmas brings out the worst in us. What

started out as a holiday about giving and compassion has been warped and perverted into a holiday all about getting. ¬†Budgets have to grow every year with the demands, and this year is no exception. People are saying on average they will spend is around $800 on gifts this spending season, which will still not be enough to satisfy our hunger for recieveing. As a nation we have forgotten what to be grateful for what we have and only worry about the things we ‘need’.¬†

We need to focus more on spending time with our families and loved ones, and remembering what Christmas used to be about. We need to forget about all the commercialism. The next generation needs to be taught what is truly important in life, and it is our job instill that in them.

So remember this Christmas to stress less about spending your money, and worry more about spending time with those who are priceless in your life.
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