Laser legends are born

Flashing lights, dark rooms, and pizza are all included in the laser tag experience.

Laser Legend is a great spot to hangout with friends and make amazing memories. The room is filled with cool games and good vibes. The prices aren’t bad either.

Laser legend is located at 7505 North Loop 1604 East and is right next to Glo Golf-mini golf that is obviously played in the dark with fluorescent accent pieces.

The establishment has a discount from 9-12 a.m., so if you’re into the late-night battle against friends, it’s a great motive to go. For a regular game during the day, it costs 8 dollars per play.

Photo by the Laser Legend establishment.
Photo by the Laser Legend establishment.

Like most laser tag places there are different types of games. There is one called infection where one person is marked with green light and every time you’re hit with their sensor, you have the “infection” as well. The best way to win in this game is to hide out in a corner and be as quiet as possible.

Watch out for tiny children, 7 year olds, they will always win since they’re so small. A tip would be to crouch down and walk as tall as them. It might be uncomfortable but it gets the job done.

All in all, playing laser tag is incredibly fun and the memories are priceless. Whether you’re in a huge group or just with your best friend, playing laser tag is always a blast.

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