How to take the perfect picture

Photography is a great hobby to start up and express yourself through. The basics to photography aren’t that hard, and should be something done without hesitation when getting into photography seriously.

Firstly, it doesn’t all depend on your type of camera. Taking quality pictures, in an aesthetic sense, doesn’t depend wholly on how fancy your camera is. All you need to look for is a camera that can take horizontal photos. Which, really, is every camera in existence.

Rule of thirds example. (Credit to
Rule of thirds example.
(Credit to

After finding your camera of choice, the next step is to understand the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is the division of your picture into thirds horizontally and vertically. While taking a photo, you should keep the main focus in an outer third. Though there are exceptions to the rule that allow you to have full frontal-middle of photos, but it’s always a safe bet to keep your subject in the thirds. Another thing to remember is what emotion you want to get out of your photo. The rule of thirds intensifies the feelings you allow to be present in your picture.

Secondly, angle is quite literally everything. Taking photos with inventive and interesting angles allows the person looking at your photo to latch onto desired points in the photo. When taking action shots, it can be more difficult, but it is generally a known rule to keep the photo basic for best appearance of action.

Finally, aperture and focus is important. Even on phones you can change the amount of light used when focusing in on a picture. Different levels of aperture and focus increase the idea you’re trying to set behind a picture and enhances the thought process behind the photo. Aperture is the space through which light passes in an optical or photographic instrument, especially the variable opening by which light enters a camera, by the way.

That’s the basics. A few ideas before taking your picture will enhance the quality of your photo, along with making your portfolio full of professional looking photography.

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