Mac Melts At M&M Bowl

By Alexandra Gutierrez | Photo by JayJay Gonzalez

As seconds on the scoreboard slowly clicked away, family, friends, and classmates gathered at Heroes Stadium to watch their Mavericks play their last regular season game of 2011.

On Nov. 4, the Varsity faced off against the MacArthur Brahmas at Heroes Stadium and left at the end of the night with a 37-27 victory.

“It [winning] felt great because it’s the M&M Bowl and it’s always a good thing to win the M&M Bowl,” said head coach Jim Streety. “It will give us the momentum for playoffs.”

In the first quarter, Mavs scored a field goal, leading with the first points of the game and the only points that quarter. Next quarter, Mac came back with a touchdown, putting them in the lead. Varsity responded with three consecutive touchdowns, gaining back the lead and ending the quarter 24-7. But even with a big lead, they didn’t let the lead get them too hyped up.

“I didn’t focus on the score, and neither did the rest of the team,” said junior running back Galen McAllister. “We just went out there and tried to finish the job.”

At the beginning of the third, Varsity scored their forth touchdown and Mac made another six points. In the fourth, the Brahmas scored 13 points and by the end of the game, the score had tallied up, in Mavs’ favor, to 37-27.

“It [the game] was definitely big,” senior running back Joshua Hanson said. “It was my last time playing in it and it felt good to win it.”

Next week, the first playoff game will take place at Rutlege Stadium against the Judson Rockets.

“It’s going to be a different game than last time,” Hanson added. “Last time we weren’t prepared, but now we know what we have to do.”

In pre-season, the team lost to Judson 48-7, but this time, they plan on taking home another win for the books and hope to carry on past the first round in playoffs this year.

“We think we’ll play them a lot better than we did the first time,” Streety commented. “They’re a good team but we are too.”

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