Mavs Advance to Fourth Round of Playoffs

By Richard Hernandez | Photo by JayJay Gonzalez

With the fourth game in playoffs approaching this Friday, many have seen the Mavs has the Cinderella story of this season’s playoffs. The team entered the playoffs has underdogs going up against the mighty Judson Rockets, but to the surprise of many they pulled out the nail-biting victory and haven’t looked back since.

“Well [the Judson game] was the catalyst for everything thats happened since then,” head coach Jim Streety said. “It’s given us a big boost in momentum and confidence.”

Since then the team has faced off against East Central in the second round beating them 48-31, and then advanced to play Laredo United in the third round coming out victorious yet again this time winning 50-41.

“It feels great we all came together. We really know each other, we are like a family,” junior running back Marquis Warford said. “We motivate each other when we make mistakes.”

The team looks to take on Harlingen this Friday, but the Mavs don’t look to slow down.

“They got a lot of athletes and they are big, so it should be a tough game for both teams,” receiver Byron Daniels said.

The next game against Harlingen will be in Kingsville, but for the team they are just enjoying the ride.

“Just being the underdogs knowing that everyone didn’t expect us to make it into playoffs, not even make it out of the first round, it’s just great being able to go this far,” Daniels added.

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