American Sign Language

By Kiara Broadnax

Mavs’ American Sign Language class had the experience to meet and communicate with a deaf woman by the name of Azucena. It was a great way to bring a real life scenario to the classroom.

“Meeting a deaf person helps break the ice so they are not as scared meeting a person in the real world,” ASL Ray Chapa said. “It allows the students to learn different signs from an actually deaf person.”

Students got in groups as Azucena asked questions about their interest in ASL.

“I would like to be more fluent in my signs and I find it very fun,” junior Haley Noble said.

Being able to have the opportunity to communicate with her she shared her story with the class. Chapa translated for those who were not as fluent in their signs.

“I was born hearing I became death from a high fever at the age of one” Azucena said. “I would sit in the corner in my class not communicating with anyone; everyone would just leave me alone. It was difficult knowing that everyone could hear but me. When I grew up there was no ASL, I did not learn until I was twenty two years of age. Carrizo Springs, Texas is where I grew up. There was no communication until I moved to San Antonio at 22. Now I have a lot of friends because of the many organizations.”

Almost in tears, she expressed her appreciation for students learning American Sign Language.

“I am happy to see so many people taking ASL,” Azucena said.

Her words were a great inspiration to the class and made for a great learning experience.

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