Teachers Kiss Goat for Charity

On Feb. 8 students gathered around the M building courtyard to see which lucky teacher would kiss a goat. Throughout the week students donated money in order to vote for the teacher they wanted to see kiss the animal. The teacher with the most money would win this privilege. All proceeds went to the Muscular Dystophry Association.

The teachers participating were  Ms. Dugosh, Ms Yow, Coach Streety, Mr.Gates, Mr.Davenport, Mrs.Wilson, Ms Kellog, and Principal Torres.Yow was entered by the PALS as a secret joke until a student ruined the surprise. As revenge, Yow struck a deal with Mrs.Barrera stating that if she won, Barrera would also have to kiss the goat.

When the time came, Yow won with $43.51 in her jar meaning her and Barrera’s fate belonged to the goat. They both kissed the goat wearing bright pink lipstick. The fundraiserver ended up raising over $100.

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