Halloween Makeup Tips

Reported by Anahi Avalos

Everyone has/wants makeup for their Halloween costumes to complete the finished look and bring the costume to life. But there’s few things you need to know before you even consider purchasing cosmetics.

Before purchasing face paint be sure to avoid oil based paints as they clog your pores, look out for oil-free, non-comedogenic makeup. Make sure new makeup brushes are cleaned before being used. 

Using a gripping primer will help the face paint stick to your face for longer periods of time. There are cheap primers at local drugstores for under $10 that work just as well as using an expensive brand. make sure your skin is cleaned thoroughly before putting your makeup on so there isn’t any dirt in the way. Then apply your primer, and finally your makeup.

Using makeup powder on your face will prevent oiliness and shine around your forehead area, nose, cheeks, and chin. The only shine your face needs is the highlighter you’re putting on your face (optional for nose, cupid’s bow, inner corners of your eyes and brow bone.)

When you want to take off your makeup, use a makeup remover and a cotton pad or makeup wipe. Don’t use makeup wipes if you have sensitive skin. Be sure to put some serums, creams and moisturizer so the skin feels refreshed and cleaned.

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