Swinging for Success

Reported by Aiden Guerra

Ava Jacobs, a student from the Madison golf team, scored a 100 at a recent competition. While Ava is currently on the JV team, she hopes to join the varsity team soon and continues to improve her game. She credits her success to her coaches, Mr. Alviar and Mr. Moore.

Despite being rather new to golf, Ava Jacobs is making a name for herself on the course.

Interestingly, Ava initially joined the team as a joke in middle school, but soon discovered her passion for golf. At a previous game, she had also scored the highest for her team. While Reagan is considered the best team in NEISD, Ava believes that Madison’s team is also very good and is proud of their performance

David Dallal, another student on the JV team, scored a final score of 114 at the competition and feels he could have done better. It is worth noting that golf is an all-year-round sport for many schools, including Madison. However, it is often underrated, even though it is challenging and highly competitive.

Did you know that golf has been a popular sport since the 15th century in Scotland? It is a safe sport that can prevent many injuries. Despite being considered a mature sport, the industry has grown over the centuries, and many young people like Ava and David have discovered their passion for it.

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