Top 3 Ways to Make Your 2024 Better

Reported by Madison O’driscoll

2024 is said to be a big year, this year is predicted to be the biggest election year in history, with more than 50 countries participating in elections. We have a total solar eclipse in April and a surfeit of space missions from countries all around the world. Whether exciting or overwhelming, There’s things we can do to make this year more enjoyable.

January is often dubbed the “monday of months” as many believe it’s the most depressing month of the year.

Every year is a new chance to experience something different, hopefully we can move on from wearing masks, social distancing, and the pandemic. But the problem with that is, how can we make 2024 a more restful, enjoyable experience if we’re so impatient about it? A year where self care is prioritized is the best way to having a good year.

A year without negative thoughts about your appearance is the best way to having a good year! Negative thoughts about your appearance are a waste of time and energy. How can we stress so much about our appearance when No one is or will be perfect looking? As famous American motivational speaker Wayne Dyer once said:

“You cannot always control what goes on outside, but. you can always control what goes on inside.”

Second, keep boundaries! Don’t let people get in your way of having a peaceful year. Other people’s opinions only stress us out more if you let them. What will help instead is focusing on yourself, self-respect, and love. Having self confidence is important to not caring so much about what others think.

lastly, work won’t stop piling on you, so finding out a way to manage your time is a great way to make your year more enjoyable. Set aside time to focus on responsibilities and commit to what you need to do in that time. Staying on top of your work is one less stress you need to worry about.

In all, The new year is what you make it. What you decide to do with your time will dictate how you perceive it. Stress is not worth worrying about, but your health is. If you find yourself stuck, not being able to do these things. There’s always another way that works for you. 

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