NFL Rumors

Reported by Hunter Paganucci

There have been rumors that the recent Super Bowl game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers was rigged. The Kansas City Chiefs won the game, and some people speculate that this was not due to chance. The rumors started after popular artist Taylor Swift began dating Chiefs player Travis Kelce, and the team began winning many games. During games, the cameras would focus on Taylor Swift every time a touchdown was scored, leading some to believe that the NFL rigged the game in favor of the Chiefs to get more attention.

The main reasons people think the NFL is scripted are questionable calls by the referees, players making seemingly random decisions, and everything going in favor of what gets the most attention. These things have led many people to believe that the NFL is not a fair game.

During the Super Bowl, there were many questionable moments that some people believe gave the 49ers a disadvantage and the Chiefs an advantage. The Chiefs won the game in overtime with a touchdown, which was the first time in decades. Many people believed that this was evidence that the game was scripted.

In conclusion, it’s unclear whether the NFL is scripted or not, but many people believe that it is.



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