A Tragic Ending

Friday November 16 marked the date that the Churchill Chargers took on the Brandeis Broncos in the first round of playoffs. The Chargers(5-5) came in as heavy underdogs against Brandeis(8-2), but the Chargers shushed all the doubters that night.

On the games opening drive Churchill marched down the field, and Derek Perez finished it off with a touchdown putting the Chargers ahead.

The game would go back and forth and going into halftime the Chargers lead 24-21. This was looking to be an amazing second half of football. The second half gave us more of the same action, with touchdowns coming every which way. Then the game started to slip away

Brandeis went ahead and then surprised everyone with an onside kick….. Which they recovered. Now brandeis lead the Chargers, and had the ball with not much time left. Brandeis went down and scored putting them up by eleven points, and the chargers could sadly not fight back,

The final ended 49-38, with the Broncos coming out on top. The chargers a heroic season fighting there way into playoffs, and giving a good team a huge fight.

Onward to Playoffs

On a cold and miserable Friday the matchup between the Churchill Chargers and the Roosevelt Rough Riders took place. This matchup decided who would go to playoffs and it was a game for the ages. It was a close game throughout, but towards the end was when the real action took place.

Down 20-10 with only a few minutes left the chargers had to act fast…. AND DID! Senior quarterback Derek Perez ran in a touchdown to bring the game within 3. Now it was up to the defense to give our offense another chance.

On third down the Rough Riders decided to throw which was a costly mistake. The pass was tipped by senior Luke rosas, and then tipped of the hands of Junior Braden Gill, and finally landed in the hands of sophomore Gavin castro. This gave our offense a shot to send us to playoffs. The high powered Churchill offense took it all the way down and scored to take the lead 24-20.

With time running out,Roosevelt took their shot deep and failed. Sophomore Gavin Castro came in clutch again with another interception to seal the deal and send the Chargers into playoffs. They will be matched up against the Brandeis Broncos in the first round which is sure to be a great matchup.

Playoff Hopeful

The mighty Churchill football team has fought back from a 1-4 record to a good 4-5 record putting them in the spotlight of playoff hopefuls. Only losing one in the past four games, the chargers have one opponent left to play. The Roosevelt Rough Riders.

The chargers are usually victorious when matched up against the Rough Riders, but this matchup is so much more intense. With a win the chargers will end the season with a 5-5 record that will put them in the playoffs, but with a loss,  their season will end with broken hearts and regrets.

This seasons early struggles set the chargers back quite a bit, but they have fought  back with heart, sweat, and tears to get a shot to make the playoffs, and there is nothing stopping them besides themselves.


Super Bowl Alternatives

Written By: Maureen Weaver

The extended family plus family friends huddle around the TV. The soda fizzles as they crack it open, and the chips crunch as they dig in. Evidently, men in spandex who bang their heads together all in pursuit of a pigskin are utterly amusing to America.

But for those who simply don’t fit in to their football aficionado families or for those who are from families that have never taken part in the Super Bowl tradition, there are some engaging alternatives.

  1. Start a Jigsaw Puzzle. This activity is an engaging and bonding experience whether you’re crafting a beach scene with friends or a wintry cottage with a family. Beware, though, once a puzzle is started, it’s impossible to stop tinkering until the entire scene is completed.
  2. Read. Find a neglected book that has been lying around the house for decades. Or, rummage through the bookshelves to find a classic childhood favorite. Curl up next to a warm fire (or the heating vent) and slowly sip hot cocoa.
  3. Discover. Look up the childhood history of your favorite movie star or singer. See where they grew up, what their journey was like and emerge with a greater appreciation of who they are as a person.
  4. Write a card. Instead of dashing to HEB or Hallmark the day before the next holiday, take the time to silently reflect on what a relative or friend means to you. Prepare early for the next holiday by putting into words what makes them special and important to you. Knowing that you dedicated your time to such a project is much more valuable than a purchased poem.
  5. Take a bike ride. The greatest peace I know is sometimes found while I’m sailing through the woods on my old yet high-quality bike. The cool breeze is refreshing and being outside makes me feel as if all of life’s problems are simple. Biking is also a great way to get exercise with a companion such as a parent who may not want to embark on a mile run.
  6. Find Srednekolymsk, Panzhihua, Wagga Wagga and Qikiqtarjuaq on a map (preferably not one on the Internet).
  7. Connect. Find someone else who doesn’t want to watch the game and have a gab fest. Find out what your grandma was involved in in high school or what your mom’s favorite memory from childhood is.
  8. Bake. Not only will everyone in your family love you for turning out a homemade pie or cookies, but you’ll have fun doing it. Find a new and interesting recipe and invite a friend to execute it with you. Turn on some happy music while you work.
  9. Have a spa time. Light candles and indulge in a full pedicure, manicure, facial and time of relaxation. Make a classic face mask out of three tablespoons of old-fashioned (not instant) uncooked oatmeal and two tablespoons of plain yogurt. Or, mix one ripe banana with one teaspoon honey. Indulge in each for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Enjoy!

10.  Go to a movie. With most people watching the game at home, the theaters will be barren of their usual crowd. Grab a couple of friends and head off for a movie all to yourself or better yet huddle down at home and pop in your favorite DVD.