Viva Fiesta

Fiesta is a ten-day festival celebrated in the spring. It was originally a flower festival in 1891. Ellen Maury Slayden created the event to celebrate and remember the soldiers who fought for the Alamo. By 1959, the Fiesta San Antonio Commission was created, which named the celebration Fiesta San Antonio. 

Fiesta, now in 2024, is one of San Antonio’s biggest celebrations with many activities to partake in. Whether it be strolling at night for the Riverwalk parade, or walking around downtown through the beautiful displays and flower decorations, you feel in awe of such beauty.

I asked around the school to see what people consider their favorite things to do during Fiesta.

“I love going to the riverwalk parades, I go to the event every year,” Senior Genevieve Shchubert. “My family and I love buying all of the snacks and street foods they have everywhere. ”

Fiesta is well known for its vendors. All kinds of people sell fabulous foods with unique twists.

“My favorite thing about the riverwalk is seeing my friends and family,” Schubert said. “Every year, we all go together and have a blast. ”

Mostly, everyone focuses on their friends and family… but there is always room for fashion and shopping. 

“I love going to Fiesta, the clothes are always so beautiful,” Senior Aniya Burks said. “The colors of the rainbow sowed into white blouses with exquisite flower details are so beautiful.”

It is quite funny to notice that, even though the celebration does not impose any dress code, everyone seems to dress the same. People come in very bright festive colors making all of San Antonio look like the other side of the rainbow.

“I’ve been going since I was a little girl,” Burks said. “I did not live here back then, but my family here loved going.”

Fiesta is a celebration open to anyone. Since It is so close to the end of the year, everyone feels the joy of the summertime and the end of the school year.

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