Royalty Among the Thieves

Royalty Among the thieves                         Prologue    

By:Abigail S. Maldonado


      “Elora look at this!”, David said to Elora, holding a light gray top with a bit leather armor covering the stomach and chest.- The armor wasn’t enough for even an average amount of protection, but it was all she needed. ”Do you like it?”, he continued.“Dad, that would go perfectly with these shorts I found!”, she said as she compared them to each other. The gray top was simple; it was loose enough for her to move but stiff enough so it wouldn’t fall off. Thank heavens it had no crazy patterns that would mislead people into thinking she was a court woman. The leather amor areas were a dead give away that she was no superior. The black shorts stopped at the knees with unseamed edges. She had her shoes with her which were light brown with a leather braid that would go around her ankle. The usual uniform for a combat test.

     Now that she was ready, she changed into the clothes her father had given her and made her way to the arena where the test was being held. She was 17, just trying to make life work without her mother. She had left before she was 5 and only remember mother singing to her the night, then she disappeared. Her father was devastated and couldn’t take care of Elora like he wished he could. He was human, and his daughter was from a different race. A spirit werewolf, thanks to her werewolf mother. Once she turned 18 she would have to learn how to transform into a wolf out of her own will. Not Knowing if she was the last of her kind, he sent her to a fighting school where they taught math, battle plan, the usage for light armor, and in Elora’s case- the skill and talent she was born with for one-handed weapons ,with the exception of a bow, but her skills included swords , daggers, and sometimes spears. Nonetheless, they were on their way to the arena. Eager  to see if her practice had finally paid off; she had mastered archery ,one handed weapons ,and hand to hand combat. ”Oh lord, this is gonna be fun.”, she thought, looking at her father who also knew what mayhem she was gonna rise in the fight that has yet to come.


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