Poteet Strawberry Festival

Poteet is a city in Atascosa County, Texas.  It was named for its first postmaster, Francis Marion Poteet.  It’s best known as the birthplace of country music star, George Strait. The city is also known for its strawberry festival.

The town of Poteet traces its history to the 1880s, when Francis Marion Poteet brought his family to the area after they left the California Gold Fields in 1860. The town was named after him because he was a pioneer, explorer, army scout, post rider, storekeeper, miller, farmer and rancher.

Poteet sold his business to Henry T. Mumme before 1900.  He was one of the first to grow strawberries in the area. Since the area had been referred to as Poteet as a result of the early mail service, the new town was named in honor of Francis Marion Poteet.  Mumme moved his store to the new town site in 1911.

The city of Poteet is having their yearly strawberry festival on April the 5th through the 7th. They will have a parade and vendors that sell all sorts of merchandise and plants. They do this every year during April and have parades too year!

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