5th Annual Feel Good Festival 

         The Feel Good Festival combines music, exercise, and food all in one. It is designed to make everyone feel good and proud of their body and what they look like. The festival starts on October 19th, 2019  from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. It’s going to be held at Greenline Park in San Antonio. The whole reason for this festival is to encourage people to be healthy and active. It shows people that you can have fun and also be healthy and feel good about yourself. The sponsors that make this all happen is Peripheral Vascular Associates and San Antonio Vascular and Endovascular Clinic. 

       The owners of this even want to make a healthier community and to do that they are partnered up with various health providers to help their people. The park they’re holding it at has beautiful scenery and views to help you relax and feel calm. 

       They encourage their consumers to make healthier living choices and I think that’s amazing. There’s so many fast food restaurants in today’s generation and we really don’t have many people giving what we actually need. Even parents over feed and give their kid terrible food for them. I love and support this event and think it can really make a change. 


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