Guerrero suffers late-season injury

| November 27, 2017

Christian Guerrero’s looks in on the field. Photo Courtesy Seeger Photography. Used with permission.

By Lizbeth Cuellar | Big Stick Editor |

On Nov. 10 the varsity football team took on the Reagan Rattlers in their final game of the 2017-2018 football season at Comalander Stadium.

It was a special night to share with family and friends since senior night fell on the same night as the last game.

During the last quarter of the game with only less than five minutes left, tension in the air filled. A football player from the Roosevelt side had been taken to the sideline of the field where paramedics soon arrived. It was until the player was carried up to the gurney where the audience caught a glimpse of what was really going on. Immediately, the whole home side became quiet.

“I knew injuries could happen but I never though it would be this serious,” football player, Christian Guerrero said.

Guerrero was taken right away to be evaluated. During the weekend that followed, Guerrero’s condition was (slowly) becoming responsive and CT scans had came back negative and he was moved to a room where more tests were done.

“Going to the hospital that night was tough stuff no doubt, all of our kids were concerned as well as kids from Reagan,” head coach Matthew Carroll said. “Once he got home he had coaches visiting the house, conversations with his mother and whatever we could do to support them and help them out as well.”

He is back at school but is still challenged with headaches and vision problems as well as his memory.

With the love and prayers Guerrero and his family received by everyone, it encourages him even more to get back on the field and do what he loves to do.



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