Schneider shares her love of science

By Austin Cohea | Assistant Editor & Desiree Flores | Assignments Editor |

Physics teacher Skylar Schneider poses outside her portable classroom. Photo by Kenneth Deckard.

Skylar Schneider chose to be a physics teacher based on a previous love for science.

The new physics teacher is sharing that love with her students.

“I’ve always really loved science, my degree is in science,” Schneider said, “I liked math but science also has math in it, science is also so broad, you can learn a lot of different subjects.”

Schneider had been subbing in NEISD, when she looked online and found three science positions open.

“I loved school, and a lot of my teachers I loved,” she said.

She went to a small high school with only 100 students in the senior class. The students joined many extracurriculars. Schneider personally joined basketball, track, tennis, cheerleading, FCCLA, NHS, and Spanish Club.

Schneider had a particular liking for school and teachers, particularly in high school.

“My mom was actually a really good teacher,” Schneider said. “I had a really great Home EC teacher.”

When at A&M, Schneider participated in such events as the Nutrition & Dietetics Association and Project Sunshine.

“We had events and spent time with kids in the area with mental and physical disabilities,” Schneider said, “and we’d buddy up with them once a week”

Now in her third month on campus, she said she’s now getting into the swing of things.

“I’m not feeling super behind like I was all the time,” Schneider said. “It was all very new and overwhelming. Now i’m getting the hang of it, getting to know my students better, and sort of building a relationship with my students and not just being their teacher and knowing their names.”