Theatre company produces Macbeth

Photo and Story by Krystal Stigger | Contributing Writer |

The auditorium lights were down and the audience was seated. They were seated on stage, immersed in the production unfolding before them. Actors moved throughout the audience, performing sword fights, emotional monologues, and daring escapes. With the use of Old English dialogue and costumes to match, the spectators encountered the Roosevelt production.

The cast takes a bow at the end of the performance. The play was performed in the round, so the audience sat on stage with the actors among them. Photo by Krystal Stigger

Audience members experienced got to experience theatre in the round as the theatre department performed Shakespearean classic Macbeth on October 25, 26, and 27 in the Roosevelt High School auditorium.

“They were right in front of me,” audience member D’shantell Robledo said. “I was in the first row so I saw everything.”

The production style was not only a new experience for the audience, but many of the actors as well.

Getting to have this different form of stage and walking among the audience was a really cool experience,” said Kevin Sierra who played Banquo “I believe it really added to the immersive experience of the audience. It definitely helped to picture them as part of the scene during sections in which we spoke to a crowd or rallied troops, they became part of the fight.”

The show was executed after months of practice by 25 actors and actresses throughout the performance and 18 crew members who delivered a masterful interpretation of 1606 tragedy.

“Macbeth was cast early September, giving us two months to practice,” Lead Ethan Hunt said. “…the first week or so being solely for the purpose of blocking, and the further rehearsals for actual acting, leaving a month and a half for rehearsal.”

The cast had mastered playing over 40 different characters.