Students get chance to vote in first election

By Liliana Lopez | Staff Writer |

Tuesday, Nov. 6 was Election Day, a chance for residents of the country to have their voices heard in the government.
For 18 year old students, it was a chance to engage in this tradition of democracy.
“My first time voting was an experience I will always remember,” senior TraShauna Collins said. “I was able to use my voice to stand up for minorities, the youth, and women everywhere. I will forever take time out of my day to vote and will let nothing stop me.”
For students that engaged in the process, they were rewarded with an “I voted” sticker.

Photo by Daniel M. Reck on / CC BY-NC-ND

“ [It was] kind of exhilarating, it was fun, I guess, because it made you feel like your voice was being heard and you know the assistance, the voters who were there they kind of helped you out, walked you through it. It was a fun process, you got the little sticker,”senior Laken Hall said.
The ballot contained state wide races like governor, state senator, U.S. representatives, plus state and local races and local charter updates.
“I think voting is important because, really, you’re kind of voting to help the next generation and you’re voting in people that are going to be making laws that aren’t necessarily going to impact you in the moment that you vote but definitely will impact you in the next three to five years,” AP English teacher Natasha Christian said. “And I really think that, for me as a parent, that I want to ensure that the politicians have my best interests in mind but I also want them to have my children’s best interest in mind when they are creating these laws.”

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