Slipknot’s new album shows strong emotion

By Cierra Cervantes | Staff Writer

Slipknot is a band who has been making music since 1995 and is still making outstanding hits. Slipknot has always been known for its scary masks, music, and wild concerts.

This fall, Slipknot came out with its sixth studio album called “We Are Not Your Kind.” It came out on Aug. 9, 2019. Slipknot’s album became the band’s third number 1 album on Billboard. 

Slipknot creates heavy and energetic metal music. Slipknot came together in 1991 in Des Moines, Iowa.The band consists of nine members: Corey Taylor, Shawn Crahan, Jim Root, Mick Thomson, Jay Weinberg, Craig Jones, Sid Wilson, Alessandro Venturella, and a new mystery member “the Tortilla Man.” Taylor is the lead singer. Shawn and the Tortilla man are the percussionists. Root and Thomson are the guitarists. Wilson does turntables. Jones plays piano. Weinberg does the acoustic drum set. Venturella is the bass guitarist.

With some members leaving in the previous years and one passing, the band was able to stay together and continue their musical journey.

In 1999, Slipknot created its very first studio album, which peaked number 51 on the Billboard 200. It went double platinum in the United States which made it the band’s most selling album. Later on in 2011, it got nominated as best debut album by readers of the “Metal Hammer” magazine.

I’d say that Slipknot has done a great job on its new album. It’s definitely a “something never heard before in the past albums” kind of feeling. The songs bring out so much emotion from the lead singer.

In their new album this one song stands out because there is a lot of aggression described. It’s called “A Liar’s Funeral.” In another song called “Orphan,” Taylor says that everyone has something but someone may have it all.

Buying this album is definitely worth the money and time due to the awesome sounds and lyrics.