Tenkai Knights!

| October 3, 2013 | 2 Comments

By: Bakurra Davis

“Never judge a book by It’s cover!” ,ever heard that saying before? well, it also goes for T.V shows too… in this case a cartoon network show that comes on at 7:30/6:30 c Saturday mornings,it’s called Tenkai Knights. I know it sounds boring and stupid and for little 5 year old boys but it’s a really entertaining! Its about a boy named guren who moves to a new house and befriends a boy named ceylan jones.Who stumble upon a shop full of things foud in the world today but, because it’s a show in the future, they’re considerd antiques.while looking through the shop they find little blocks that the shop keeper lets them take home. They soon discover it’s their key into a parallel world that’ll be destroyed if the don’t save it.

I discovered it on a Saturday afternoon while watching Teen Titans on boomerang when a commercial for Tenkai Knights popped up! So,when my show was over,i searched it with the search option on my T.V and it was on demand and i watched episode one and i thought it was okay and as i watched it more i suddenly developed a love for anime shows originally meant for 6 year old boys.=)

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my real name is jacinda but i don't like it so i prefer to be called Winry or Ceylan.i have no pets because my mom doesn't like animals and i am also restricted from just about everything on the web...including the web.i love love love!!!!!anime.my favorites are Pokemon (my all-time favorite!!)Black Butler,Hetalia,FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!!!!Lucky Star!Soul Eater,Sakura Wars, yu-gi-oh ,InuYasha ,Naruto ,bleach , Tenkai Knights, and Beyblade: shogun steel. and drawing it because it's soooo time consuming and fun i also love to listen to music because those 2 things are basically me life...yes i know i don't have a very interesting life but i make it work =)i have a sister who is 3 and a pain in the butt because she's sooo spoiled and everyone loves her but at my grandparents house it's all about me,me,and of course MEEE!!! i also have a deviant ART.com account my username is merricksluv1727...i know it's cheezy so I think im gonna change it or just make a new one..My dream is to buy a unicorn from the super market and/or become a famous singer or fashion designer...which ever comes first. ;3

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    lolz =^~^=

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