The haunted house chapter two

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By Justin Dahlberg

Steve looked at his friend and said that they should go home.  When he got home he told his mom and dad that he was at that house they mocked him and said ” did a ghost jump out at you.” He didn’t find that funny at all and said no and went to his room. He went on the internet and searched up information about the house. He saw the name Amy and thought about the note and saw that she had fell down the stairs and died when she got to the hospital. He read on and found out the owners of the house moved in on the date of march 14, 1960. The owners were in their 40’s when they moved in. He saw that after the day Amy died they were found dead on the second floor with a knife next to them. The next day he told his friends what had happened and were shocked on how old that house was and how it seemed in good shape. They decided to go back to the house and spend the night there to see what will happen. They brought a video camera to see what will happen will they are asleep, and they brought a voice recorder to see if they could catch any voices.

That night they were asleep and there were foot steps on the second floor and when the boys watched the video they were creeped out and got out as quick as they could. They checked the voice recorder and didn’t catch anything on that. The next day they were telling others about what happened but no one seemed to care. They heard one rumor that they were crazy and that it was just fake and they are just trying to get attention. They wanted to show them the video but they said there was probably someone on the second floor just walking. So they decided to give it another try and when they got there they got everything ready and started to go around asking to see if there was any answer from the unknown. When they checked over the voice recorder they heard this slight whisper say ” Amy, where are you, Amy.” The boys asked if someone said anything like that but they said that all they said was the questions they were told to ask.

To be continued.

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