Do you know what Cordyceps are?

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By:Noah Nicholas


Do you know what Cordyceps are? Do you know what fungus is (You should know what fungus or “fungi” is.)? Well Cordyceps is a type of fungus that is extremely horrifying. Cordyceps is a type of fungus that zombifies insects like ants, wasp, tarantulas, ect (I’m serious look up “Cordyceps Tarantula” it’s freaky!). You know that game “The last of Us”? Well the main creatures you fight are humans infected with Cordyceps. Humans can’t get infected by Cordyceps though, but people eat ’em! There are several foreign dishes that include Cordyceps as a ingredient. Did you know? In the “Pokemon” series there are two Pokemon that have Cordyceps? Those two Pokemon are Paras and Parasect! Those two Pokemon actually have a type of Cordyceps called “Tochukaso”. Cordyceps for some odd reason isn’t that popular I haven’t heard of Cordyceps until my brother told me about them. Cordyceps has become more popular thanks to the “The Last of Us” and so people are starting to learn about this evil fungus. But enough of games and such time to get back to the seriousness of this fungus. Cordyceps actually combines itself with its hosts flesh. Funny thing is when ants get infected with Cordyceps the other ants will attack the infected one and drag its corpse to a far away location. After a couple of day a sprout will form out of the ants head and more fungal spores will come out. Cordyceps is actually can help with some medical problems. Cordycepin can help protect the liver and bone marrow. Cordycepin is actually very helpful in organ transplants because it suppresses the immune system.┬áIf you are now intrigued with cordyceps and want to know where to find them… I don’t know sorry to disappoint you. If you find out where this frightening fungus is please put in the comments below. Well hope you think you didn’t waste time reading this article!

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