Number 1

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By:Elena Arzola                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         One day a girl wakes up in a hospital  knowing no idea  where she was are  what her name was, actually even no idea who she was, like a newborn baby being born.Nobody comes to see her are to pick her up are anything so they just send her on her way with no idea where she is gonna go.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Later on somehow she gets a job and her own apartment she starts to make friends, she still doesn’t know where she came from.One week later she gets a letter saying to meet me at the park at 10:30 pm.So she did and she saw a man in a dark suit and she asked him,”Where you the one who wanted me too meet you at 10:30 pm?”and he replied, ”Yes I did.” Now the man tells her about her life.Well her name is number 1, she is from a planet called Eris the reason she had no memory is because someone unknown erased her memory. She asked him,”How do I know your not lying to me?” he replied back,”Because I have pictures of you and your family when you where little.” When she saw those pictures she kind of started to remember. As she is talking out of no where the man just disappears.                                                                                                                                                                                                      One month later another letter left out her door saying to meet me at the park at 11:00. So she did and the same man that disappeared was there but this time there was a man and a woman.Number 1 asked”Who are you?”,too the man and woman.They replied back slowly,”We are your parents.”Number 1 was shocked she asked them,”Why is my name number 1 said,”Because its a special name that are queen named you number 1 on are planet means hero of Eris, she new you where gonna be a great hero, but now she died so we need you to come back and be are queen.”Number 1 is very overwhelm by everything she passes out. A hour later she wakes up in a bed er mom and dad rite beside her she asked all confused,”Where am I,”they say,”You are in Eris.”They asked her,”So would you be are queen?” Number 1 said,”Would if I am not good enough what if I mess up,”they said,”You won’t I promise,” Number 1 decided to be the queen but all she need was a king.So one day she bumped into a guy on the street, she new that he would be the king , so they became king and queen and lived happily in love forever.

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