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A woman staring at a painting confusingly.

A woman staring at a painting confusingly.

By: Shelby Purvis

What is art? Art is something is made by a person or people to get a reaction to their “audience.” These reactions and moods include: amazed, sad, grossed out, confused, open-minded, or heart-touched. Some of the reasons why art makes these moods is because of the color, textures, or the  object of the drawing.

First reason why art changes moods are colors. Some of the colors that make you happy are: yellow, orange, light purple, or pink. For sadness or anxious colors like: black, dark blue, red, or indigo. The color that makes you feel lucky or that makes you feel rich is the color green.Many different people have different reactions to different colors, but these are just the usual moods for these colors.

The second reason for different moods in art is because of the textures in the painting. For example, when a river is painted with ruff or jagged texture the mood would be wild or unorganized. Or if it has a smooth texture then it’s like the painting or the mood is relaxed and flowing. Also if it has  the texture is going every which way, then  it gives off a confused or unorganized expression.

Third reason why art changes  your mood is because of the object of the painting. Whenever you draw something creepy, scary, or gruesome, you can’t expect to get a happy reaction. Or rainbows, unicorns, or bunnies, then the reaction won’t be scared or freaked out. If you want to get a certain reaction draw something that will set that mood.

The color of your room can also effect your mood. Like whenever you feel mad in a red room, or so calm in a light blue room. In a red room there is a more likely chance for a family fighting or arguing, or singing, dancing, having a relaxed mind in a light blue or yellow room. Many other colors can even relieve pain, it’s all a trick that your brain does to your body and eyes. Colors like yellow or orange can make you feel hungry, even if you’re full.

Textures in art can also symbolize your mood. When you relaxed or calm the textures would most likely be straight or flowing (softly curvy.) Anger can lead to jagged or mixed up textures, but with the right colors. Textures, colors, and object of the painting  must go together good if you want the full affect. To sum it up art changes many things, just by confusing your brain with feelings, colors, textures, and the objects.

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