Helping the Strays

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Timothy Martinez, an eighth grader at Bradley Middle School, volunteered at a clinic for a non-profit organization called Spay Neuter Inject Protect of San Antonio (SNIPSA) to help the strays and animals in need.  At 6:30 in the morning, Timothy woke up and went to the clinic for SNIPSA to help the doctors spay and neuter the dogs and cats of San Antonio and nearby places.  The organization even helped dog and cat owners get their pets spayed and neutered for free, all they had to do was show up to the clinic.  They have this clinic called the Big Fix at least seven times a year.  The volunteers do at least 1000 hours a month of helping animals, so he spends a lot of time near all types of animals, including dogs and cats.  The job that he did in helping the doctors was he would carry the animals after they would receive anesthetic and seemed like they were dead and lifeless.  After he got tired of carrying the animals, he would go to the recreations center and nurture the newly neutered animals back until they woke up.  After ten hours of hard work, we all finally went home.

I asked him how his first job went, “It was fine, but it was certainly weird carrying limp animals for ten hours.”  He said that he would also like to do it again some other time.  He only had two people help him with the clinic, which was his dad and cousin.  After the ten hours of hard work, he finally went home at four o’clock.

Overall, he had a great time helping the strays.  He said that he will try to go some other time to help again.



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