How do I know you?

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My name is Morgan Reid, recently my and me moved into this new house in a small town called Flintwood. Ever since we moved in strange things have been happening, I keep seeing this strange man around town. He wears a nice golden suit with his dark brown hair up in a nice quiff. Every time I see him he just smiles, but then in a blink of an eye he’s gone. I have only have had one encounter with him, I was sleeping one night when suddenly I felt my bed shift. It felt as though someone was sitting in front of me, I then felt a hand stroke my hair. Then next words he spoke had shocked me, “If only you remembered me” he whispered, “It would make things so much easier.” That was a month ago, ever since then I have only caught glimpses of him.

Although my mind always wandered to those word he spoke, how does he know me? I brushed it off and started getting ready for bed, I had to admit I have become a little scared to go to sleep now. Even more so now that my mom works night shifts at the local hospital. I made sure all the doors were locked before heading to bed. I then fell into a blissful sleep.

I was in a beautiful meadow near a pond, in a clearing in the woods, the sun shone bright as a nice cool breeze hit my face. I look down to see that I was dressed in a nice white dress with matching sandals. Am I dreaming? I tun around to catch a glimpse of a gold suit turn into the woods. Wait, a gold suit? He’s here, I run toward where he had just been to see him turn right. I run until finally I see him standing in the middle of a field, his back towards me. “Who are you?” I yelled over the wind, that seemed to get stronger once I found him. “How did you get here?” he asked still not looking at me. “Who are you?” I asked more firmly, yet he still didn’t look at me.

I was getting frustrated, this guy has basically been stalking me for months, I deserve some answers. “I know you were in my room last month, I was awake when you were talking to me,” he tensed at that. “I see you all around town so tell me, who are you?” He then turned around, he had pale skin, with a flawless complexion. His brown eyes filled with worry, “My name is Brent Declan” he stated. He then hesitated for a moment before speaking again “Do you know who I am?” I took a good look at him but I couldn’t remember one thing, but he did look oddly familiar. After about a minute of me staring at him he took a deep breath “You should go.” I was about to protest when he raised his hand “You will know everything soon enough, but for know you need to go.” The wind picked up, it felt like I was being taken away.

I woke up to the sun shinning in my face, I squinted at the bright light. I then heard a know on my door, I turn to see my mom dressed in her scrubs. “Hey sweetheart, I got called in at the clinic, I should be home around 3 o’clock. There is some food in the fridge, and my work number is on the counter. Love you” I nod and and she walks off, I hear the front door close as I get out of bed. After I brush my teeth and change, I head downstairs to get some food. As I open the fridge I notice something out of the corner of my eye. I close the fridge and walk into the living room, I look around to see that it was just my dog. I laugh before turning around, and almost scream as I run into something. Or rather someone. 

Right in front of me stood Brent Declan, in the same gold suit he wore in my dream. I stared at him my mouth agape, while he just stared back looking a little worried.”Have they come? Oh god Morgan, I am so sorry! I never meant for it to get this far!” he whispered, pacing around the room tugging at his hair. I was confused who was after me? I look at Brent and grab his arm to stop him. “Who?” I asked, he then snapped his heard towards me “No one, are you alright?” he said looking me over for injures. As he touched my shoulder I saw something, like a vision. I was seven in the same field in my dream, in a different white dress. The strange thing was I was across from…Brent? We were laughing and smiling, my mind floods with different memories.

I then remember all the times I had told my mom about my imaginary friend and our adventures.I then look at Brent, he stares at me confused. I just stare back at him, I remember everything… all of the time I played with him in my dreams. I finally find the words to speak and with a deep breath I say,

“I remember you.”

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