History and Impact of Comic-Con

Chris Loustaunau, Staff Reporter


Comic-Con is a convention with loads of different attractions every year, all over the world. Usually, in the U.S. each state hosts one Comic-Con annually. Comic-Con is an enjoyable experience for anyone with interests ranging from anime, gaming, cinema, and more. In San Antonio, they host the event in the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, it is usually held in the fall and runs for three to four days.  


The first Comic-Con was 51 years ago, on Mar. 21, 1970 in San Diego, and at the time was called The Golden State Comic-Book Convention. The founders of the event were Shel Dorf, Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry. It was started because they wanted a place to meet up with other comic fans.


“This was my second time at Comic-Con. I like coming here because you’re in a place surrounded by themes you enjoy and like-minded people to enjoy them with you and I would probably say that’s my favorite part, along with the celebrities that are there and it also shows that they care and want to engage with their fans, which is awesome,” Jonathan Arellano (10) said.


The reason why so many people like Comic-Con is that it gives them an opportunity to appreciate what other people have done with similar interests. Most people love the vibrant  atmosphere and the interactions that they can be a part of. I enjoy going to Comic-Con as a reminder that I’m not the only person that likes something and I feel that I’m a part of a community that enjoys similar things. My favorite part of Comic-Con is going and exploring the convention centers, going to watch celebrity interviews and seeing all the different things that the booths have to offer. I really recommend going next year if you haven’t already because it’s a different and interactive experience for everyone.

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