LEE Welcomes Bold New Leader

By Chris Loustaunau, Editor-in-Chief


In no world would I have thought that I would find Snoop Dogg Cheese Puffs in my new Principal’s office. 


But Mr. Alejandro Escamilla, the newly appointed LEE principal , surprised me in more ways than one when I sat down with him. He shared his profound vision for education and his passion for shaping the future of students. 


Mr. Escamilla is no stranger to the world of education. With 17 years of experience, he has dedicated his career to working with students, particularly those with disabilities, ensuring that every child has access to a quality education, regardless of barriers. His commitment to this goal has been unwavering, and it’s this dedication that fueled his desire to take on a leadership role. 


When asked about his approach to maintaining a profanity-free environment at the school, Mr. Escamilla emphasized the importance of preparing students for the real world; “No one likes to hear profanities, and these types of areas. I want to make sure that we’re preparing all of our students for what it’s like in the workplace and what it holds afterward,” he said. “I want to make them understand the expectations in the workplace and in higher-level education so they take pride in themselves, respect themselves, their parents, and their bosses.” 


Mr. Escamilla’s journey to becoming a principal has been shaped by his own upbringing, growing up in a single-parent household as the youngest of five. He witnessed his mother’s struggle to provide for the family and was determined to be the first in his family to attend college. 


His wife, a constant source of support, played a pivotal role in his educational journey, motivating him to graduate from college. He acknowledges the influence of both his mother and wife as he strives to be a role model for students, emphasizing the importance of education in their lives. 


“Education has a great impact on the rest of your life,” Mr. Escamilla noted. “I want to send a message to all these children and set an example as a principal.” 


Mr. Escamilla’s dedication to education extends beyond the classroom. He aims to motivate and inspire students to turn their lives around and make informed decisions about their futures, whether it involves pursuing higher education or entering the workforce directly. 


The start of the school year has been remarkable under Mr. Escamilla’s leadership. His focus on preparation has resulted in a smooth transition for students, despite the initial challenges of navigating crowded hallways and finding classrooms. He believes that a positive start sets the tone for the entire school year and is committed to maintaining that momentum. 


Looking ahead, Mr. Escamilla plans to continue the legacy of his predecessor, Mr. David Crowe, while addressing the changes brought about by the pandemic. He seeks to bridge the gap between different programs within the school, fostering a sense of unity and school spirit among students from diverse backgrounds. 


Mr. Escamilla’s vision for LEE  is clear; to promote interconnectedness, build relationships, and create an environment where every student feels valued and part of a larger community. “We’re already doing great things, and I feel highly confident in our ability to continue in the right direction,” he affirms. With Mr.Escamilla at the helm, LEE  is poised for a year of growth, unity, and educational excellence, driven by a principal who leads by example and is deeply committed to the well-being and success of his students.

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