New Club Draws Big Crowd

Isabella Geltman, Staff Reporter


September 13, 2023, Ceramics Club had their first meeting. The club sponser, Ms. Stephanie Greathouse, and club leader Emile Wilson (11) started everyone with a hands on clay tile activity. The initiative taken each and every meeting allows students a safe space with free reign to expansively explore their art style.


With simple rules and a relaxed environment, students take it upon themselves to turn an unappealing gray blob into their own organic masterpiece. They’ve started with simple prompts and as the club and talent continues to grow, so will the starting creativity level. Everyone around you is having their own fun while providing support and supplies for your upcoming piece. 


Even with nervous and inexperienced hands, everyone has been able to participate in the tasks given while still entertained. If you’re interested in a new craft or continuing a hobby, this is a great way to act on it. With all supplies provided by the school and Ms. Greathouse ,all you need are your hands and artistry. 


With four meetings down and the rest of the year to come, everyone involved is excited to see their growth in ceramics but in artistic integrity as a whole. Anyone is welcome to join with no prior experience in clay or pottery. This club has been and will continue to be a learning experience throughout the year. Held in 311A, after school every other Wednesday, anyone can drop in!

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