Jewish Student Union Fosters Community

Samantha Briano, Staff Reporter


The Jewish Student Union is a student-led organization that meets once a month, in room 207 (Ms. Savadin’s classroom) during 5th period lunch. The club is directed by president Elad Kovo and vice president Gavin Valdez.

In addition to standard meetings, JSU has hosted a ton of events so far this year, including making straw menorahs, playing traditional jewish games, and presentations on topics such as combating anti semitism (hatred/discriminations towards jewish people).

“I think it’s important to strengthen the jewish community and teach people about jewish culture.” Gavin Valdez said. “It’s also important to have the club to teach people about the history of the jewish people. Chapters of JSU are mainly on the east and west coast because there are higher jewish populations, but there are clubs in bigger cities, especially where there are active synagogues with youth groups. NEISD does have a surprisingly large number of JSU clubs, including LEE, Churchill and Reagan.”

JSU is open to everyone.

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