Relation Station- Stalker Mode


Stalker Mode

Has anyone out there ever given their number to someone only to find him sitting on their front porch the next day? Have you ever been awakened by a guy throwing rocks at your window, saying he loves you? Has a guy ever told you your name, birthday, and address and you had no idea who he was, or where in Sam heck he came from? I most definitely have— and in all my 16 years of living, I have yet to understand why such a traumatizing thing happens to people everywhere!

Why Does This Happen?

To get a better understanding of these interesting characters we all know as “stalkers”. I asked boys I hang out with why certain guys go to the extreme to get their “dream girl”. According to them, ¬†some guys are just very determined and may be under the misconception that the girl they’re pursuing is actually very interested. ¬†Other guys feel that if they just keep trying, they stand a chance.

So before you judge the stalker and call the police, ask yourself, “Did I clearly communicate that I am not and will never be interested?” Have I just led my stalker on?” Now, if you’ve done that and he’s still on your porch, call the police quick because you may be in serious danger. If you haven’t, cut the guy some slack, be real with him and tell him how it is. All in all, it could be one great misunderstanding. You can save a lot of time and energy on you and your stalker’s part by telling the truth. Don’t be rude— but be frank and let him or her know how you feel about their stalking.


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