The (Possible) Transition to a New Era

The air of unrest whirs amongst voters and concerned citizens as Republicans announce their candidacy for the 2012 Presidency. From the  shuffled ethics of Mitt Romney to Michelle Bachmann’s controversial beliefs, the candidates clash with current president Barack Obama’s policies and political practices.

“It’s intimidating how there are so many people to choose from, especially with Bachmann in the mix. I’m worried to see who will get the top pick for the Republican spot,” junior Claudia Trevino said.

Michelle Bachmann is a strong Tea Party advocate with a some particular views on how American society should be managed. Being the foster parent of 24 children, staying in the Bachmann home for about three months, has influenced her decision to side with the rest of the conservative views of the GOP Party. Bachmann has been promoting the radical views of the Tea Party by working to anti-Obama policies to create the Party’s perception of a “better America”, which also includes scraping “Obamacare”.

Michelle Bachmann

“It’s scary seeing all the radical views of the new candidates. I’m not sure if [the candidates views] are what America needs right now. I’m curious about Ron Paul’s standing being so vigilant in his county,” junior Sammi Lex said.

Ron Paul, however, has gotten quite a bit of notoriety from the other Republican nominees, especially when advocating the removal of all government funded aid programs, such as FEMA. Although, the advantage Ron Paul has over other candidates is that his time in office led him to be politically in-tune with what citizens of the working class need.

Mitt Romney, gaining rank in the South Carolina polls, has brought substantial debate to the race for presidency. Strong on anti-abortion laws and claiming the United States needs to go about solving it’s problems in a “Non-European” style, Romney has an advantage of spending more time in the private sector than his time in office as Governor of Massachusetts. Arguing strongly against Rick Perry’s vouch to mandate the HPV vaccine to all underage women, Romney brings up a strong point about how the citizens of America should decide whether a vaccine should be mandated and that mandating a vaccine is the segway of American government intruding into the lives of it’s citizens.

“I really dislike Rick Perry. He’s unethical and doesn’t support how the popular majority feels on LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender] issues or [minorities] in the workplace,” freshman Jamal Monroe said.

Rick Perry

Although the Republican candidates have strong views on “the issues”,  American citizens have strong views on the candidates and what they stand for. Waiting patiently is the only action (aside from unforgiving protests against a candidate of choice) American citizens can take until November 2012. Only then will the superior Republican candidate show their true colors, and the spot for President will be filled.





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