How Students Really Feel About The Pledge

Photo by Aly Zamora

The Pledge of Allegiance is a historic vow of loyalty to the American flag and to our country, though law does not require students to recite it.

“I feel that students should say the pledge because it is showing patriotism toward your country, ” freshman DestineeĀ Schniters said.

However, the opinions of students differ.

“I feel that we shouldn’t have to say the pledge because some do not want to for different reasons,” Lawrence Accosta, freshman said.

Recently students have found themselves mocked for reciting the pledge.Ā  If we’re in America, we shouldn’t be hackled for showing our patriotism and expressing our freedom of speech. Many feel gratitude for the opportunities our country has given us and just want to show their appreciation. Some students feel that we should respect those who want to recognize their country by allowing them to state the pledge with out being ridiculed by those around.

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