Hats Off To Helmets: Women That Rock!

Mrs. Lessner photo by Estefania Lamas

This week, Brahma Tales recognizes people and organizations from the community for their service to this country. They will be showcased in a 5-part series, “Hats Off To Helmets.” Two veterans in particular stand out, Ms. Marisol Laselva and Mrs. Kathleen Lessner, are women who empower their students and community.

A proud day filled with meaning for everyone who has served,Veterans Day. To those who fought, we give our gratitude, but the question still exists: do we really know the people we share our gratitude with? We honor our troops, but those who do not have the opportunity to interact with service people may not hear their stories or share their ideas. Veterans walk about the school daily, each gracefully representing their branch and truthfully living out the definition of a “public servant.”

“I am who I am because of the military,” Ms. Marisol Laselva, Forensics coach and Speech teacher, said. “They completely tore me down and then built me up into a much better person; that’s the technique I apply with my students,” she said.

Ms. LeSelva. photo by Kyle Argueta

Service time changes a person in all respects; giving them new perspectives on life and a “winning attitude.”

“The quality I took away from my time in the service is a sense of discipline,” Kathleen Lessner, physics teacher, said. Having the ability to help students reach a goal of satisfaction is a blessing, but in order to successfully fulfill that goal, both teachers and students should realize that guidance necessitates discipline.

While serving in the Air Force, Lessner was a student of the service, she was taught how to think and react— now, the tables are turned. Mrs. Lessner helps shape the minds of her students.

After her time in the Marines, Ms. Laselva had intentions to join the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), but ultimately decided to become a Speech coach (she was a member of her high school Speech and Debate team).

Air Force did not transfer into civilian world,” Mrs. Lessner said.

Whether they entered public education with strong intentions (or none) after their service, these women have made an impact in the community by humbly serving our school and nation. Their sacrifices and constant battles for discipline (and liberty!) are some of many gratifying qualities that radiate among their noteworthy personalities.

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