Hats Off To Helmets: Leadership Lessons From Lt. Col. Blake

Lt. Col. Blake at work. Photo by Alyssa Zamora

This week, Brahma Tales recognizes people and organizations from the community for their service to this country. They will be showcased in a 5-part series, “Hats Off To Helmets.”

The JROTC is one of the most successful programs on campus -that much is evident- but is the leadership style of Lt. Col. Robert Blake the reason? After shadowing him, I began to realize that his character, in addition to his knowledge, is what makes him a great leader. To those who wish to “spruce up” their leadership skills, some of his most effective leadership traits are discussed below the fold.

Leadership Traits

  1. Empathy: When talking to his cadets, he doesn’t yell. He doesn’t feel the necessity to “overpower” them or “show them who’s boss,” he just assumes the position… and other people follow.
  2. Assertiveness: He is neither forceful nor passive— he is assertive. He assures his audience that what he is saying is true by citing qualifications or life experiences. He convinces them instead of forcing his knowledge on others.
  3. Motivation: He constantly works with his cadets. From the highest ranking to the entry-levels, he “does as he says,” instead of expecting others to follow empty directions. He trains his leaders to also be motivators and trusts that all members of the company are doing their job.
  4. Incentives: Rather than dishing out punishments immediately, he allows his cadets to learn from their mistakes. He gives them the opportunity to rectify their own misdeeds and become their “own punishers.”
  5. Understanding: Though service people are often given the reputation of harsh and unforgiving, Lt. Col. Blake has a sense of humor that gives way to an understanding. He consistently listens and learns from his apprentices, and he’s always willing to listen to the ideas of those brave enough to say them.

Although these traits may seem obvious, many forget these effective tactics. So the next time that you find yourself assuming a leadership position on a project, at work, or later in life, ponder on these traits. They might just work towards making you a better leader.

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