Do Republicans Hate Ron Paul

Ron Paul wins the Iowa and Illinois Republican caucus and he still gets no respect or recognition.  Paul has sparked controversy in the GOP nomination, and it’s not because of skeletons in his closet, but rather how his politics fit within the Republican party.  A party full of conservative views on politics, and a determination to solve so called social problems like same-sex marriage certainly does not fit within the radical views of Ron Paul.


Ron Paul is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas’s 14th district, and is currently in 4th place in the GOP race.  But in this instance, Ron Paul identifies himself as part of the Libertarian party, which advocates small government in every aspect, recognizing the true essence of America in freedom.  Ron Paul’s views generally are not so different from the republicans: small government, fiscal responsibility, and a free market economy.  Where Ron Paul differs is on radical social issues like legalization of marijuana, abortion, healthcare etc. While Republicans keep the conservative views on these issues, Ron Paul has the radical idea that government should not be involved in society, which flabbergast most nominees.


Ron Paul’s differing views on the lifestyle of the American people puts him in a bad light according to the Republican media.  Jon Stewart made this evident on The Daily Show on Comedy Central.  Afterwards, Paul’s fan base doubled in size, and received record donations towards the campaign. With The Daily Show’s support, Ron Paul will receive the majority of the youth vote going into the primaries.  Ironically will again be the deciding factor in the upcoming election, and he seems to be the only candidate that can give President Obama a run for his money.


If you were to create the perfect candidate, the majority of people would want a candidate who’s honest and ethical. Ron Paul still fits this framework. He has kept the same views since he was first elected in 1979.  This anti flip-flopping, rivals Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. The only other candidates to be consistent on the issues is Michelle Bachman, but being consistently crazy gets you no where.  Another voting issue is the nominee’s private life.  Although most would not admit, we all enjoy the gossip and mudslinging brought with the GOP nomination, and unless Ron paul has literal skeletons in his closet, he is relatively clean. No other candidate has attacked Ron Paul on his religious preface, sexual encounters or allegations, but instead choose to attack him on the issues, to which Ron Paul respectfully rebuts.


Yet, the facts remain the same.  Ron Paul will probably never receive the nomination for the general election while aligning himself as a republican. Unless he is granted the support of one of the major parties Ron Paul will sadly never be president.  Ron Paul has major support on both political parties, which can still establish himself as a possible contender in a third party Presidential election.


Even with Ron Paul’s enthusiastic voting base, his radical approach towards policy and the government, which can revolutionize America for his 4-8 year presidency, he’s ethical in his approach to his private life, and his consistency, Ron Paul’s shameful media outlook has the sole ability to knock Ron Paul out of the race.


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