Indie Affinity: Mixtape No. 3

Photo by Sidney Van Ommeren.

As we eagerly begin our sojourn from school, we’re thrilled about the temporary freedom we’re about to receive. The tease leading up to summer known as spring break, holds promises of beautiful weather to frolic in outside and all of the outdoor activities entailed. As we fill our break with plans of going out and cherishing the week that excuses us from being productive, we crave music that pumps us up and reflects all the fun we hope to have. That’s the feeling I based this mix off of; it offers an early taste of summer through its vibrant and catchy tracks. My aim is to encourage the dream of summer to linger on in your head for the duration of the year, and I hope this playlist accomplishes that. Enjoy…

  1. Digitalism-“Two Hearts”
  2. Mood Rings-“Year of Dreams”
  3. Bleached-“Think of You
  4. Young Dreams-“Young Dreams”
  5. Weekend Wolves“Karma”
  6. Flight Facilities“Crave You”
  7. Teens-“Die With You”
  8. Porcelain Raft-“Unless You Speak From Your Heart”
  9. Gypsy and The Cat“The Piper’s Song”   
Attention Best Coast fans:
Photo from Stereogum.

If you’re not already aware, they will be performing alongside Young Empires, Growlers, and Spectrals at The Korova this Monday (March 12).

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