It Really Hasn’t Hit Me Yet

Senior Head Cheerleader Cece Munioz. photo by Patty Zaragoza

It seems that the years at school go by much faster the longer you stay in it. I describe it as a mysterious ratio that has no mercy on building relationships or cherishing time. The idea that school will be over in less than a week is exciting for some and scary for others.

For seniors, the concept of leaving Brahma Country is a relief in itself, but the reality sinks in and the realization of departing ways hits you like a ton of bricks. For juniors, the pressures of preparing for college and finishing summer reading assignments are the main priorities for the upcoming year. Sophomores, in my opinion, are like the middle child in the family for the fact that there is really nothing exciting about them. And lastly the fishies, who are preparing for the second year of high school and erasing the haunting mental images that high school bestowed upon them.

Whether you thought school was a place of security or an insane asylum you were force to go to, the eight hours we spend at school for 180 days became our home away from home. School, housed one big, crazy family full of diverse and eccentric personalities. “We are One” was the mantra for the 2011-2012 school year, and together we watched each other transition over time. We had a great time with each other at the football games, even though our season was not too successful. We watched members of our swimming team float their way to state. We rooted our varsity volleyball team ace their way to a victorious season. We saw our friends get their first cars, fist kisses, and first “F”s. We saw the thrilling novel, The Hunger Games, make its way to the big screen. All that we saw,experienced, and conquered defined us as a community. The struggles we faced and the hurdles we leaped personalized our school spirit. Whether it was the basketball, baseball, football, or academia season, we had different and unique experiences that carry over from season to season.

Senior Football players. photo by Patty Zaragoza

“I don’t know what to think of me being a Senior next year?” junior Kate Bachle said. “The idea in itself is kind of weird. I personally don’t think I feel ready for senior year. Literally, it was only yesterday when I took my first steps at MacArthur High. Me, a senior? senior….it sounds so funny rolling off my tongue. Graduation is a bittersweet, in the case that I’m happy to have junior year over with, but having my senior friends leave is kind of bitter.”

The idea that the longer you stay in school, the faster it goes by is not merely an idea but a haunting reality that strikes high schoolers across the nation. According to Einstein’s Time Relativity Theorem, when you are enjoying yourself time speeds up faster than usual, but when your bored or inactive time mysteriously drags along. Whether you were actively involved in clubs, extracurricular organizations, or sports, time seems to jet by when having fun and interacting with friends and team mates. Accompanying time comes transformations to ourselves and our fellow classmates’ personalities and attitudes. We look back at our friends at the beginning of the school year and reflect on how they use to be. Seeing them now, we see how we all have metamorphosed for both the good and bad. The mysterious ratio maybe be just a theory and our future may look uncertain, but the one thing is certain for us, is the fact that we are going to be graduating in less than a week

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