Have a Funner Summer!

It is so easy to sit around and vegitate during the SUMMER, so in order have successful fun filled summer create a Summer Intenerary!  Here’s a list of fun projects, that won’t break your bank! And create a photo diary of all the tasks you’ve completed.

1. Grow a sunflower plant.

make your own t-shirt out of leaves

2. Read a good book.

3. Create a tumblr.

4. Make some homemade lemonade.

5. Make  a t-shirt out of leaves.

6. Re-arrange your room and hang some old Christmas lights.

7. Create  summertime mix cd.

8. Tie-dye your bed sheets.

9. Create a chalk mural in your driveway.

10. Sleep in your backyard under the stars.

11. Catch some lightning bugs in  jar.

12. Do a guy’s make-up.

13. Create your own music video.

14. See how long you can go without sleeping.

15. Discover new places around the city.

16. Make at least one new friend.

17. Learn some words in another language.

18. Eat some frosted animal crackers.

19. Learn how to do something new.

20. Create your own list.



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