Mac’s Got Talent: Mac Idol Review

Can we talk about how rude Mr. davidson was toward almost all the acts, Mr. Rudnick’s mullet and cheesy rocker impersonation and Ms. Muncy’s giant fur coat? Everything that went on at Mac Idol should have its own discussion, but the most important thing is the acts!

Mac idol judges
The mac idol judges critiqued harshly on the contestants

Chau Nguyen left Frank Arredondo to do a solo act by himself which faltered his performance and didn’t get him the vote of the judges.

Naomi Bird truly did have a harmonic voice and was the only contestant to receive 100 percent positive outcome from the judges which landed her third-place.

Farry Seddighzadeh and Frank DiRosa performed an electric violin duo to “Welcome to the Jungle” which won Mr. Rudnick’s rocker side and left him head-banging. The duo was in-sync and even made a catchy beat by hitting their bows together. This group was also the only one to show outside talent that is not presented everyday.

The performance that left the crowd wanting a nap time was “Behind These Hazel Eyes” by Kalen Ahart, Erin Alva, Ana Leal and Valyssa Smith. Mr. Rudnick was the voice of the audience and, without hesitation, told the girls their performance was a bore.

The Spice Girls ended the contest with a tasteless, un-organized performance of  “If You Wanna Be”. The girls were messy and the choreography was cheesy.

In the end the winner of Mac Idol was Drew Bauml who banged his drum to the winning position. Mr. Davidson didn’t agree with the crowd when Drew was given a standing ovation.

A suggestion for next year would be to rename the contest. Instead of “Mac Idol” it should be named “Mac’s Got Talent”, because not only are there singing acts but other performances of talent as well.

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