The Wait Is Over; Dance Try Outs

Candidates stretch and practice before their audition
Photo by Andrina Alvarez

Last week girls have gone through the long process of trying out for the JV( Lassie) and Varsity( Brahmadora) dance teams.

The week started off with a workshop where all candidates learned the dance they would have to perform for judges to get in. The next day the girls continued to perfect the dance, since they would only get one shot at making the team. The next day they had mock try outs where they performed the dance for the seniors of this year’s dance teams then were given feedback. The next day each candidate preformed their dance in front of the judges, as well as a high kick sequence. Then based off that the students were either placed on Brahmadoras,Lassies ,or didn’t make either team.

” Learning the dance was the worst part of trying out because its really hard to get a hang of,”  future Lassie, Adrianna Espinoza said.

Each girl went through the same process until all girls had auditioned in front of judges. After the judges deliberated they posted each girls number who made the team. In the end there were 21 Brahmadoras and 17 Lassies.

“Trying out was really nerve-racking and exhilarating at the same time,” Emma Armstrong said.

 The whole week of workshop, practice, mock tryout, the week finally came to an end  and each girl was given their one shot to perform in front of the judges. After hours of waiting for the judges to post the results online, the candidates were finally able to see if they had made the team or not.

“I was in the car with three of my friends who also made it and we were screaming and freaking out when we found out,”Armstrong said.




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