Maze Runner left me hanging


We all either love or hate cliffhangers. Cliff hangers are the ends of a movie that tear you apart inside forcing you to see the sequel. For those of us who hate them; the anger comes for our desire to finish the movie and see how it ends; so in the end we all love them.

What particularly bugs me about the movie Maze runner is that the movie flat out feels unfinished. The cliffhanger was a bit too hardcore for my taste. the director should at least lead us on to what could possibly happen in the next movie; for those of us who have not read the book.

What’s up hollywood? At least toss me some clues. Throw a dog a bone I say. Lets hear it. (SPOILER) What is phase two? All I want is a taste.

Anyways, I’ll be sure to go back next year… they got me.

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