Spurs fans race for Seis

Spurs fans waiting outside the AT&T center for the 1st game of the season. Photo by Samantha Madrigal

The 2014 – 2015  basketball season calls various fans from all over to line up at the AT&T center, dressed from head to toe in their Spurs wear, and to get their houses ready for the game. Spurs fan’s families go a long way for their team. They do whatever they think will help their team win. Such as little things that are as simple as making sure they do everything three times, wearing their favorite team shirt, or even sitting in the same seat since game one.

“Before the game we have a tradition, we listen to a theme song that they have for the spurs,” junior Taryn Williams said. “We have to listen to the same song [for] every game.”

San Antonio fans are dedicated to their basketball team. They are all Spurs’d-out with jerseys, shoes, hats, car stickers, and posters on their walls. Some even go so far as wearing Spurs underwear because they believe it will help their team win.

“My grandpa wears his Spurs underwear for every game,” freshmen Francisco Garcia said. “He thinks it helps them win.”

Going to a Spurs game is the most exciting thing a fan can experience. All fans from babies to senior citizens want to attend a “real” game, which inclues sitting in the AT&T center seats and cheering them on to victory.

“I get anxious just waiting to go to the game,”  Williams said. “I go all out [for it].”

Living in San Antonio, most people think that everyone is a Spurs fans, but that’s not the case at all. There is quite a large number of people who aren’t really dedicated like the rest.

“I [support] them only because everyone else in my house are Spurs fans,” senior Jamal Williams said.

Even if citizens do not like the Spurs, there are no hard feelings.

“I understand people have their own opinions, but make sure you like [your team] for them,” senior Alicia Soto said. “Not just for how many wins they have.”

Spurs fans have pride for their team. Win or lose, they are always by their side no matter what. Cheering for them on from the stands or from the couch.

“I have so much pride in our team,” Soto said. “It must give the team so much courage knowing that they are supported so much.”

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