PALs have a word with the wise

PALs shared some special moments with the senior citizens at Waterford Retirement Home on Wednesday the 14. The residents at the home shared their prized possessions with one another and the PALs. The show and tell visit was not only about the residence of the retirement home, but about what they had to share from their past.

Sharing his one of a kind photo of him and his troop Photo by: Megan Howell
Craig Adams (12) sharing a special song with his Pal. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing her mothers special dirty clothes remedy powder. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing one of her 3 dated soda bottles from President Kennedy’s family home. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing her grandparents wedding certificate and pictures from 1901. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing her service dog. A friend who will travel with her anywhere. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing her mother’s antique doll. Photo by: Megan Howell
PAL, Craig Adams (12) sharing his baton. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing her mothers woven straw picnic basket. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing one of her dolls her daughter brings her every Monday. Photo by: Megan Howell
Ana Mota, (12) sharing her stuffed puppy she has had since a child. Photo by: Megan Howell
Sharing a letter he wrote to his parents while serving in the military. Photo by: Megan Howell

While these items may seem trivial to some, their meaning runs deep for those who posses them. This experience will be with not only the residents, but also the student PALs for years to come.

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