Worried about a Wasted Summer?

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When it came time to pack our bags for the new school year; some of us may have shed a tear, while others rejoiced at the promise of a final year. For many of us, we mourned the loss of the sleepless nights and late-night binge sessions that we often tried to pull off during our all-too-short summer vacations. For many others, their summer was grabbed by the horns and ridden into the sun with various sports and activities. While I admire those who can pull that off, I, myself, am not one of those people.

All too often I’d hear the word “waste” slip from my parent’s mouths throughout my summer, which eventually I learned to drown out with cheese puffs and several seasons of X-Files. Spending your summer how you want to spend it is important, because eventually you’re going to have to come back to reality and be extremely busy. There’s no wrong way to spend your summer, and however you chose to spend it, it was probably awesome.

Welcome back! You’ve survived your first two weeks, now you can survive the rest.

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